Right now I’m backstage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit. We play in about 90 minutes or so. I was just complaining to Ari that people don’t update their websites enough when I realized I am just as guilty of that as anyone. So I might as well put down my phone for a second and do something, because Instagram isn’t going to disappear if I don’t keep refreshing my feed. Last night we were at the Grog shop in Cleveland. I really like that place. I like Cleveland a lot in general. I think the first time I went to Cleveland was in 1999, playing bass for Musiq Soulchild. I can’t be sure though, my memory has a knack for inventing missing data. But one thing I know is folks in Cleveland come out to a show and get down. I love that. Something that I missed last night was the band Ohio Sky. We played with them in 2008 and they were great – great sound, great songs, nice guys. They were on the bill for last night’s show but something came up and they had to cancel. Hopefully everything is good in their camp and I would love to play with them again one day. Other than that, the tour has been going well. My voice is very tired though. At the moment I sound like Demi Moore when I speak. I’m trying to take it easy so I don’t sound like Tom Waits tomorrow and Nick Nolte by Sunday. I’m suffering a bit jealous admiration for my homie Brandon Boyd right now cause he sounds great every night. I would do dirty illegal things just to get my voice back “on” right now. But that is just one instrument in our symphony and I have a great group of bro-bros to make the songs sound great. So let me finish this glass of wine and get back to checking my Instagram.